Hiya, just a lil life update, I move into school at CalArts tomorrow!!!! I am super nervous about like everything haha, but excited and hopin for the best!!! idk how my update schedule is gonna be but ye hopefully I’ll be posting up stuff for school or smth soon!

korra doodleos, finally got around to watching s3!

maki… wearin tado’s shirt…

what is the most noticeable thing of my art style?





my art’s at icosa ^^


hehe, awkward moment with my grammy

Sorry, been kinda unproductive lately! Here are some map crunch studies based offa color palette challenges. I intended to do more…. but got lazy… i will learn to pick my own colors and do non-reffed bgs one day……….

i drew the gay swimming boys, this anime is dumb and gives me the feefees

i sincerely apologize for being anime trash

twitter things! new icon and animes

more a these